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Hospital Directory : Saskatchewan

Arcola Health Centre -- Hudson Bay Health Care Facility

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Arcola Health Centre
607 Prairie Avenue, Arcola, SK, S0C 0G0 SK S0C 0G0
tel: (306) 455-2771
fax: (306) 455-2397

Armstrong's Physiotherapy Clinic
2020 College Dr, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 2W4 SK S7N 2W4
tel: (306) 653-3838
bed acute care hospital.
Balcarres Union Hospital
Box 340, Balcarres, SK, S0G 0C0 SK S0G 0C0
tel: (306) 334-2634
fax: (306) 334-2674

Battleford's Union Hospital
1092 107th St, North Battleford, SK, S9A 1Z1 SK S9A 1Z1
tel: (306) 446-6600

Bengough Health Service Centre
Box 399, Bengough, SK, S0C 0K0 SK S0C 0K0
tel: 306-268-2840

Big River Hospital
Box 100, Big River, Sask, S0J 0E0 SK S0J 0E0
tel: 306-469-2220

Biggar Hospital
Box 130, Biggar, SASK, S0K 0M0 SK S0K 0M0
tel: 506-843-2910

Border Community Health Centre
301 - 1st St W, Climax, Saskatchewan, S0N 0N0 SK S0N 0N0
tel: 306-293-2222

Broadview Union Hospital
Box 100, Broadview, Saskatchewan, S0G 0K0 SK S0G 0K0
tel: (306) 696-2441
fax: (306) 696-2611

Canora Hospital
1219 Main Street; Box 749, Canora, SK, S0A 0L0 SK S0A 0L0
tel: 306-563-5621
fax: 306-563-5571

Central Butte Union Hospital
Box 40, Central Butte, SK, S0H 0T0 SK S0H 0T0
tel: 306-796-2190

Craik & District Health Centre
620 Mary Street, Craik, SK, S0G 0V0 SK S0G 0V0
tel: 306-734-2288

Craik Community Hospital
Caldwell Ave, Craik, SK, S0G 0V0 SK S0G 0V0
tel: 306-734-2288

Cupar Health Centre
Box 100, Cupar, Saskatchewan, S0G 0Y0 SK S0G 0Y0
tel: 306-723-4300
fax: 306-723-4416

Davidson Union Hospital
Box 758, Davidson, SK, S0G 1A0 SK S0G 1A0
tel: 306-567-2801

Day Star Clinic
Day Star Indian Reserve, Punnichy, SK, S0A 3C0 SK S0A 3C0
tel: 306-835-2883

Delisle and District Delisle and District Community Health Centre
Box 119, Delisle, SK, S0L 0P0 SK S0L 0P0
tel: 306-493-2810

Eastend Wolfe Willow Health
Box 490, Eastend, SK, S0N 0T0 SK S0N 0T0
tel: 306-295-3534
fax: 306-295-3223

Elrose Health Centre
Box 100, Elrose, SK, S0L 0Z0 SK S0L 0Z0
tel: 306-378-2282

Evergreen Health Centre
Box 160, Leoville, SK, S0J 1N0 SK S0J 1N0
tel: 306-984-2136

Fillmore Union Health Centre
100 Main Street, Box 246, Fillmore, SK, S0G 1N0 SK S0G 1N0
tel: 306-722-3315

Foam Lake Health Centre
Box 190, Foam Lake, SK, S0A 1A0 SK S0A 1A0
tel: 306-272-3325

Fort Qu'Appelle Indian Hospital
760 Broadway St W, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK, S0G 1S0 SK S0G 1S0
tel: 306-332-5611

Hafford Union Hospital
Box 130, Hafford, S0J 1A0 SK S0J 1A0
tel: 306-549-2108

Hudson Bay Health Care Facility
Box 578, Hudson Bay, Ontario, S0E 0Y0 SK S0E 0Y0
tel: 306-865-2219

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